A Global Methodist Church


Sweetwater, Tennessee


Congregational vote was held Thursday,  March 14, 2024.  Results were:  With over 70 present, the congregation voted overwhelmingly to affiliate with the Global Methodist Church.  The church will now enter the application process.  This page will be updated when that is completed.  


More information on the Global Methodist Church is available at


Discernment Process

In Fall of 2022, the church entered into a spiritual discernment process to come to understanding and pray about the church's denominational affiliation.  Members of the Discernment Team were:  Dr Rob Gruenenfelder, Jeni Seiler, Don Layman, Alan Cleveland, Linda Galyon, Delane Dacus, and Jim Morris.  The Church Council of our church voted on April 18 to accept the recommendation of our Discernment team to call for a Church Conference so our members could vote to determine our future church affiliation.  This vote by Church Council was unanimous. 


The church conference was held Sunday, July 9, 2023, at 4 pm in the Family Life Center.  The Reverend Hugh Kilgore presided over the vote.   The ballot question was "does this church desire to disaffiliiate from the United Methodist Church?"  A yes vote indicated disaffiliation is the right thing to do.  A no vote was for the church to remain within the United Methodist Church.  Disaffiliation requires 2/3 majority to pass.  Vote Results:  128  ballots.  105 voted yes.  23 voted no.  With 82 % majority the church voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church.  This decision became final after a called session of the Annual Conference which was scheduled for September 7 by Zoom to ratify it, per the rules of the Book of Discipline.  The disaffiliation went into effect September 21, 2023.


Church Council formed the Transitional Team to guide the church through the requirements of Disaffiliation and begin the process of helping the church determine how to affiliate in the future.  This process is ongoing.  The Transitional Team is led by Jeni Seiler.  Members are:  Jim Stutts, Jim Morris, Delane Dacus, Alan Cleveland, Linda Galyon, Don Layman, Bob Fugitt.


While the presenting issue of the issue of disaffiliation is the UMC's conflict over human sexuality, the congregation of First Methodist Church in no way desires to exclude anyone from the congregation and welcomes all persons to participate in the life of the church.